I follow a simple method for rodent control:

  • find the holes
  • fix the holes
  • trap them out till your Rat Problem is GONE.

By following these steps, I can get the rats out of your home in about a week. If the other guy isn’t fixing the holes, you just won't get control.

Common Pests

The Norway Rat

What kind of rat infestation might you have in Washington State? Particularly in the Seattle area? How do you know what kind of rat problem you have?


They can be cute until you have one in your house climbing your drapes. How dangerous are they, really?


At first glance, their tiny figures may evoke a sense of cuteness, until you find one boldly exploring your living space or scaling your drapes.

Rattus Rattus

With a knack for gnawing through almost anything, from electrical wires to insulation, they're not just harmless little visitors.